Voice over IP (VoIP) - Voice Mail

Voice Mail Help

Access Your Voice Mail from the Phone

  • On Campus: Dial 15500
  • Off Campus: Dial (970) 491-5500

Access Your Voice Mail from Outlook

  • Click on the message
  • A player will open and play the message through your computer speakers
  • If you want you can have the system call you on your phone --
    be sure to have your "Play on Phone" number set. See Below
  • Click: Play on Phone

Outlook Web Access with Internet Explorer

Outlook Web Access with Firefox

Out of Office Greeting

To add a greeting

  1. Log in to your voice mail (on the Polycom VoIP phone, press the Messages button and enter your password)
  2. Choose Option 6: Personal Options
  3. Choose Option 2 (6.2): Personal Greetings
  4. Choose Options 2 (6.2.2) Away Greeting
  5. Choose Option 2 ( Record a new greeting
  6. Follow the prompts and record your greeting
  7. Press # when finished recording
  8. Press 1 to accept the greeting or 2 to reject it and return to step 6
  9. Press * to cancel out of this menu and return to the 6.2.2 menu
  10. Choose Option 1 ( Turn on your away Greeting
  11. Press * repeatedly until you get back to the top menu or simply hang up.

To turn off your greeting

  1. Log in to your voice mail
  2. Press 7 to turn off the away greeting
  3. You will be prompted to turn off automatic replies to email at this time.
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