Telephone Features

Some of these features are optional; refer to Services and Rates for pricing.

Anonymous Call Rejection

Dial *77 to block anonymous calls to your phone. (Note: you will still receive calls showing “Unknown,” or “000-000-0000” from some callers who are off campus.)

Dial *87 to allow anonymous calls to ring to your phone.

Automatic Callback and Automatic Recall

All University telephones have *66 Automatic Recall and *69 Automatic Redial as standard service. (Not available on phones at Facilities Management, nor Veterinary Medical Center, nor VOIP.)

Dial *66 to call the last OUTGOING number and the phone will ring.

Dial *69 to call the last INCOMING caller. The system will speak the last caller’s phone number, and, if you press 1, their phone will ring.

If an on campus number is busy or goes to voice mail, the system will announce, “The line is busy. You will be notified by special ringing when the line is free. Please hang up now.” During the next 30 minutes when the other line becomes free, your phone will ring-ring-ring. When you answer, the other line will begin ringing.

Call Forward

The Call Forward feature allows an incoming call to be rerouted to a designated extension or to the CSU operator.

To Activate

What You Do What You Hear
1. Lift the telephone handset from the cradle. Dial tone
2. Dial the Call Forwarding activation code *72. Special dial tone
3. Dial the five digit telephone extension number to which calls are to be forwarded. Confirmation tone
4. Replace the handset in the cradle.  

To Deactivate

What You Do What You Hear
1. Lift the handset from the cradle. Dial Tone
2. Dial the Call Forward Deactivation code *73. Confirmation tone
3. Replace the handset in the cradle.  

Note: To verify the number to which calls are being forwarded, dial your own number from your own telephone. Your call is forwarded to that number.

Note: Calls normally can only be forwarded to other Colorado State University campus locations. Calls can be forwarded to the Veterinary Medical Center and Foothills Campus.

If you wish to forward calls off campus (but local), please contact CSU Telecommunications to obtain Call Forward Off Campus service for a small monthly fee.

Caller Identification (Caller ID)

Caller ID service is available on all campus phone lines – at no additional cost for students in apartments. (It is optional for Faculty/Staff with Aastra 9116 phones for a monthly fee of $1.00). Students may purchase a Caller ID phone from any retail store, and it will operate when plugged into the wall jack.

Caller ID Blocking

To block your Caller ID from displaying on a called phone, dial *67 before the normally dialed number.

To unblock, dial *82 plus the blocked number.

Your phone number will always be provided whenever you dial a toll-free number in area code 800, 855, 866, 877, and 888. The called party is paying for your call and is entitled to your phone number.

Call Pickup (No Cost Option)

Call Pickup lets you answer calls that come into other phones within the same Call Pickup Group.

To pick up a call, dial #99 An immediate connection is made between you and the incoming call.

What You Do What You Hear
A phone is ringing within your group Ringing from another phone
Lift the handset from the cradle Dial tone
Dial the Call Pickup Code #99 You can converse with the calling party

Note: You can only be a member of one Call Pickup Group.

Note: If two people attempt to retrieve a call simultaneously, one gets the call, the next gets a reorder tone.

Call Trace

For your safety, you can dial *57 to trace the last call to your campus phone. If you receive nuisance, threatening, malicious, or obscene phone calls on your phone,

  1. HANG UP!
  2. Pick up the phone, listen for the dial tone, and dial the Call Trace Code (*57).
  3. A recorded announcement will inform you whether the last call to your phone was successfully traced (most calls can be traced).

If the Call Trace was successful, the announcement will ask you to call 491-7529 for further assistance. You will hear a recording asking you to select an option to be transferred to either CSU Telecommunications to investigate nuisance calls, or to the CSU Police Department to investigate threatening, malicious, and obscene calls.

Most calls (even from off campus and long distance calls) can be traced. Calls which have had CallerID blocked by dialing *67, as well as nuisance calls that ring once, then hang up, can be traced by dialing *57. However, only the last call can be traced, as each new incoming call replaces the previous Call Trace information.

Please note that, due to Federal Communications Commission rules about the Secrecy of Communications, we cannot give you the caller’s phone number (except through legal processes while investigating a police case).

Call Transfer

Call Transfer allows you to transfer incoming calls to another extension.

What You Do What You Hear
1. Advise the calling party that you are going to transfer the call  
2. Press the flash button, or momentarily hang up less than one second Special dial tone
3. Dial the five-digit extension number and press flash Ringback tone
4. Replace the handset in the cradle The other two parties will remain connected.

Note: Incoming calls can be transferred to the Veterinary Medical Center, Foothills Campus, and to off campus phones (cell or work-at-home phone).

Note: If you misdial, get a busy signal, or there is no answer when you dial the extension number, depress the flash button twice to return to the caller.

Call Waiting

This feature enables an individual to answer another call while on a telephone call.

While on a call, a beep will alert you to a call waiting. If you telephone supports Caller ID for Call Waiting, you may check the calling number of the waiting call.

A telephone with a FLASH button facilitates the execution of this feature. If a FLASH button is not available, then the flashing the switchhook for 1/2 second will retrieve a waiting call.

To retrieve the incoming call;

  1. Depress the FLASH button or hang up momentarily (1/2 second).
  2. Incoming call is connected and the original caller is placed on hold.

To return to the original caller;

  1. Depress the FLASH button or hang up momentarily (1/2 second).

Unanswered incoming calls will be directed to voice mail after 5 rings. However, before forwarding an unanswered call will also ring telephones on the SimRing list. A third incoming call will go directly into voice mail.

Consultation Hold

This feature enables you, while on an established call, to place the original call on hold and to dial and consult privately with a third party without assistance from an operator.

You can then return to the original call. The third party is disconnected from the call after pressing the flash button twice to return to the original called party.

What You Do What You Hear
1. Place the original call on hold by pressing the flash button Special dial tone
2. Dial the third party’s telephone number Ringback tone and third party answers
3. Consult with the third party – the original party is on hold and cannot hear the conversation.  
4. Press the flash button twice You and the original party can converse – third party is disconnected

Note: If you are attempting to consult with another extension and misdial, get a busy signal, or there is no answer, press the FLASH button twice to return to the original caller.

Simultaneous Ringing (SimRing) (Optional Service)

SimRing service will simultaneously ring your CSU phone AND your local cell phone number(s) and/or home phone when your campus phone number is dialed. A maximum of 4 local phone numbers can be programmed or changed by you at any time.

To order SimRing service for $2.00/month, or for more information, contact Telecommunications.

To access SimRing service, from your CSU phone number dial #96 and follow the spoken instructions.

To access SimRing from any other phone in the world, dial 970-491-2900. Then, when voice prompted, dial your 10-digit CSU phone number + #, then your SimRing PIN + #, and follow the spoken instructions:

  • Dial 3 to toggle SimRing service from on or off, or off to on.
  • Dial # + phone number + # to add a number. (Remember to dial 8 for off campus numbers: # + 8-234-5678 + #)
  • Dial * + phone number + * to delete a number.
  • Dial 1 to hear the numbers on your list.

Speed Dial Programming

This is an OPTIONAL feature that enables a caller to dial a 3-digit code to facilitate calling frequently called numbers. The telephone numbers may be on campus, off-campus, local or long distance telephone numbers.

Speed dial is available as Speed Dial Short (10 telephone numbers) uses codes *00-*09.

To program a short list;

  1. Dial *74, listen for a special dial tone, enter a 2-digit code (00 - 09), plus the telephone number to store it.

Speed Dial Long (30 telephone numbers) uses codes *00-*29.

To program a long list;

  1. Dial *75, listen for a special dial tone, enter a 2-digit code (00 - 29), plus the telephone number to store it.
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