System Tones

Dial Tone

Heard when you lift your handset. You may then dial a five-digit campus extension number or dial 8 for an outside call. You will not hear an outside dial tone after you dial 8 to place an outside call – just continue dialing.

Confirmation Tone

Two short bursts of tone followed by silence. This tone lets you know that the feature was activated.

Special Dial Tone

Three beeps followed by steady dial tone. This tone lets you know that you can proceed with feature activation.

Stutter Dial Tone

The tone you hear when you have a voice message waiting. The dial tone heard when you go off hook is interrupted by short pauses of silence.

Expensive Route Warning Tone and Announcement

Heard when all of the inexpensive lines are busy. If you stay on the line the call may be placed over a more expensive line. This may happen on calls to the Denver Area Codes 303 and 720.

Reorder Tone

Sounds like a fast busy signal and usually means all circuits are busy or that a requested service is not available.

Modified: 3/7/2012 10:30:51 AM