Telecommunications Services and Rates

Telephone Service

Description Model or Details Basic
Installation (not including construction or special equipment costs)
Voice Service Activation Install or Move       $56.00
per jack
Basic telephone service without telephone Jack Only (JO); Telecom provides telephone number and department provides telephone * $11.13      
New VoIP Phones
• Corded Phones
Polycom VVX 311 $11.13 $3.50 $135.00 $56.00
Polycom VVX 411 $11.13 $5.00 $185.00 $56.00
Polycom VVX 411 expansion module   $5.00 $195.00  
Polycom 550 Special Order Only $11.13 $3.50 $200.00 $56.00
Polycom 560 Special Order Only $11.13 $3.50 $200.00 $56.00
Polycom 650 Special Order Only $11.13 $7.00 $250.00 $56.00
Polycom 650 expansion module Special Order Only   $5.50 $170.00 $56.00
Polycom 335 Special Order Only $11.13 $3.50 $125.00 $56.00
Polycom 450 Special Order Only $11.13 $4.50 $180.00 $56.00
• Conference Phones Polycom SoundStation 5000 $11.13 $10.00 $350.00 $56.00
Polycom SoundStation Duo $11.13 $13.00 $475.00 $56.00
Polycom SoundStation 6000 $11.13 $12.50 $550.00 $56.00
Polycom SoundStation 7000 $11.13 $15.00 $760.00 $56.00
• Yealink Yealink W56P Cordless Phone $11.13 $4.00 $147.00 $56.00
Yealink W56H Handset (same number as base)
(different number than base)
$2.65 $86.00  
Old Analog Phones Aastra 9110 single line phone $11.13 $1.86 $40.00 $56.00
Aastra 9116 single line phone with caller ID $11.13 $2.86 $52.49 $56.00
Meridian multiple line telephones
Call (970) 491-1469
$11.13 N/A $225.00-
Telephone Extension Line Aastra (same telephone number with telephone) $3.65      
VoIP phone sharing same telephone number (all phones must be in the same room) $2.65      
Analog Jack sharing the same telephone number (all phones must be in the same room) $1.75      
Add additional lines to existing VoIP telephone $2.65      
Phantom Number: A number that is not attached to a phone and is used only for call forwarding purposes. $2.29     $10.00
Dedicated MeetMe Conference A conference number that can be directly dialed, and does not have to be scheduled through telecom. $3.10     $10.00
Advanced Call Center Agent Line A second line on a phone for a call center agent to answer calls directed at call queues. Advanced Call Center Details $10.00     $435.00
per agent
Basic Call Center Agent Line A second line on a phone for a call center agent to answer calls directed at call queues.  Basic Call Center Details $5.00     $56.00
per agent

Telephone Moves

Moving your telephone requires a Service Order to be placed. Most requests can be completed in 5 business days. This is required for both analog and VoIP telephones in order to comply with e911 regulations ensuring emergency responders will arrive at the correct location when someone calls 911 from a particular telephone.


  • There is a $56 fee associated with moving an analog telephone
  • There is no fee associated with moving a VoIP telephone
  • There will be a $56 fee assessed if you move a VoIP telephone without placing a service order

Basic Telephone Service Policies

  • An existing telephone set may be exchanged for an Aastra Caller ID telephone for no charge at the Office of Telecommunications located at E-100 Glover. Please call (970) 491-5881 for availability.
  • The client is responsible for leased telephones that are lost or damaged. Telecommunications will replace lost or damaged telephones and assess a replacement fee equal the value of the lost or damaged telephone.
  • * Service calls in response to a trouble report caused by customer owned telephones/equipment shall be assessed a one-time $21.00 service fee. CSU Telecommunications does not repair customer owned equipment.

VoIP Phone System Available Features

Refer to the Feature Guide for detailed feature descriptions.

Feature Cost Self-Configure Self Configuration Note
Busy Lamp Field (BLF) / Presence $10.00* No  
Call Forward $10.00* Yes Call Forwarding Rules -
Call Park/Pickup $10.00* Yes *78 + number - can be set as speed dial
Group Paging $10.00* No  
Hunt Groups $10.00* Yes Call Forwarding Rules -
Intercom Feature $10.00* Yes *76 + number - can be set as speed dial
Meet Me Conferencing $10.00* No  
Shared Primary Number (must be in the same room) $10.00* No  
Shared Lines across phones (BLA) $10.00* No  
Additional Line (can be an existing number) $10.00* No  
Sim-Ring $10.00* Yes Forward at same time -
Speed Dials $10.00* Yes
Custom Ring Tones per line $10.00* Yes Menu-3.Settings-1.Basic-4.Ring Type
Personal Auto-Attendant $10.00* No  
Bria 3 SoftPhone Client for Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet (must have a hard phone for this feature) $56.00** No  
Time Based Find me/Follow Me Call Routing $10.00* Yes Call Forwarding Rules -

* You can request as many features as you want per order. Each order is $10. There is no charge for using the Self-Configuration Option. Log in to

**You must also purchase a license for the software and incur a $1.75/month maintenance fee

Voice Mail Service

Description Activation
Exchange Voice Mail $10.00 $3.00

Data and Fiber Services

Description Non-Recurring Charges
New Construction/Remodel

Contact Pat Demchok

(970) 491-1148

Activation of Existing Drop * No charge
Move Existing Drop * No charge
Patch Cords $10.40 - $14.20

* If a new patch cord is required, you will be charged for the patch cord.

Labor Rate

  • Telecommunications standard labor rate is $62.00/hr.
  • An expedited service request shall be billed at $125.00/hr.
  • Work requested to be scheduled outside of normal CSU business hours may be subject to overtime charges of $82/hr per staff member depending upon whether resources are available during the times requested
    (minimum 2 hours charge).
  • Contact Heidi Friedrich at (970) 491-1469 to request expedited or non-business hours service.

Communications Cabling

These costs apply to new data drops requested.

Cable Type Installation Fee/Drop
Category 5E $162.00 (campus standard)
Category 6 $182.00
Category 6a $200.00
Plenum Fire resistant and low smoke
Category 5E $187.00 (campus standard)
Category 6 $237.00
Category 6a $252.00
  • Rates include labor and materials. The rate assumes that pathways from the nearest communications room to the location of the communications drop is available. Additional charges may be required when pathways are not available and/or when conduit or cable trays are required.
  • Telecommunications, upon request, will identify whether the installation requires plenum or non-plenum cable and the category of communications cable suited for the application.
  • Colorado State University no longer installs Category 3 communications cable and has removed it from its standards document.

Campus TV Service

Description Charges
TV Service $11.34/month
New TV Jack Installation $112.00/connection
New Building TV Feed Installation Heidi Friedrich (970) 491-1469
Order TV Service or Disconnect Heidi Friedrich (970) 491-1469
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