Relay Colorado (TDD/TY)

Relay Colorado provides service for individuals with hearing impairment by translating for those utilizing Telecommunications Device for the Deaf/Teletype (TDD/TTY).


Access and quantity of service to Relay Colorado are identical to that now offered to all University affiliates. Call to Relay Colorado shall be routed using the campus Private Branch Exchange (PBX) and transport network infrastructure utilized by all telephone calls generated or terminating on campus.


Request Relay Colorado translation service from campus by dialing the following toll free telephone number (800) 659-2656.

University affiliates that desire to contact a hearing impaired individual through Relay Colorado may contact a Relay Colorado operator by calling (800) 659-3656.


Relay Colorado billing is incompatible with the university PBX. Relay Colorado bills to the calling telephone number. Therefore, to use Relay Colorado university affiliates must obtain a pre-paid or long distance calling card to pay for long distance charges incurred when accessing Relay Colorado. The Relay Colorado operator will request the long distance or pre-paid calling card information prior to completing the call.

Faculty and staff may request a university long distance calling card for business use by contacting the campus operators (Dial 0).

University policy prohibits issuance of a university calling card to students, student employees and/or non-faculty and staff personnel. ASCSU operates a pre-paid calling card service available fat the ASCSU Office in the Lory Student Center.

Modified: 3/7/2012 10:30:51 AM