Welcome to CSU Telecommunications

Our services include Phone, Voice Mail, VoIP, Data and Fiber, Cabling, and Cable TV.

To order, change or discontinue services, use the Service Order Form.

  • Phones can only be moved by ACNS/Telecom. To instigate a phone move by ACNS/Telecom, a service order must be placed: Service Order Form.
  • A $56 fee will be assessed for each phone that was moved without a preceding service order.

Contact Us

1009 Campus Delivery
E100 Glover (Map)
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1009
(970) 491-5881
Telecomunications Staff

Calling Guide

Emergency CSU Police 911
General assistance CSU Information 0 or (970) 491-1111
Phone/data problems CSU Telecom (970) 491-5881
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